Lexus LS400 1990...

Lexus LS400 1990
YES this was an old "immaculate well looked after luxury car"
So well looked after, I had an £850 alternator fitted for £60 also, £850 steering pump fitted £60, head gasket and cambelt + plus other bits and pieces to save money while the head was off at a cost of £1600, the car cost me £4k, within weeks after the head gasket was repaired other electrical ignition problems occurred which would not allow the car to start, i took it to a specialist electrical garagen he charged me £49.00 to repair a fuse relay.
Not wishing to look like a fool---it is sometimes ourselves who love our vehicles too much that we go to these extremes in spending, and then say we were ripped off.

i sold the car 2 weeks after the fuse was fixed and purchased a X Type jaguar 2004--i took it back after 4 days due to all the faults on it. i had to take a drop of £1k to swap it with the same garage-robbing b...........rd!

the whole trade is encapsulated with the RIP-OFF syndrome

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