Good Job...

Good Job
I have just had my Rover head gasket go and had it repaired at the cost of
The work was carried out at a none Franchised garage the work took a week which involed having the head taken away and skimed ect..
I feel I might have paid a bit over the top for this but the car is running fine again,
I would like to know if this is a true amount to pay as I have sen it advertised on the net for £450.00.
The labour charges for this work was £300.00
Head gasket set £142.00
Head bolts £60.00 Oil filter £4.80
Pressure test and Sump Plug Seal £1.00
machine head £65.00 Cam Shaft Bolts £1.25
Timing Belt Kit £48.46 Antifreeze £14.00
Water Pump £53.00 Thermostat Assembly £40.00
Drive Belt £13.31 Coolant cap £14.00
P{ower Steering Labour £300.00
Belt £6.61 Vat £138.01
Oil 5W-30 fully
Synthetic £24.00 Total £926.69

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