-> 2007-09-30
Good experiance

I have just removed my car from a dealer due to an over inflated estimate,as that is all they could give and delivered the car to a local independent garage.The car was fixed the next day after i had given the go ahead for the work required to fix my car.
I was given a quote along with a promise that this would indeed fix my fault.
I ended up paying less than a fifth of the dealer price and i am very happy with the service i recieved from the small garage.
So happy in fact i...read more

-> 2007-08-21
Rip off garages

I recently had an ignition switch fail on a BMW 520i - the part cost £33 and the labour to fit it was £46.47. Then to cap it all the investigation to find the fault cost £223.06

How can they justify such a lot of money to plug a car into a computer!! The other problem is the dealer charged in units of an hour not hours - so you dont even know how long the job took.

Luckily there is a warranty in the car which paid the bill...read more

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