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Forum Use

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1. Provoke others or cause trouble. If You wish to argue with people then go to instant messenger or email.

2. Make personal attacks on anyone during Your use of the forum. Do not abuse someone for example, because of their race, colour, sex, or religious beliefs.

3. Reignite inflammatory threads by creating new threads after existing threads on the same topic have been closed.

4. Use inappropriate, excessive or unnecessarily bad language.

5. Attempt to take threads off-topic or make off-topic posts within threads. Off topic posts may be removed at our discretion.

6. Argue a moderator’s decision publicly. Any and all complaints directed at a moderating decision should first be addressed to the moderator in question via private message. If the problem can not be resolved, then You should state Your position to the Forum moderators or administrators, who will make or change any and/or all final decisions on a democratic basis.

7. Reproduce messages sent using the forum Private Messaging function on the forum or anywhere else without permission from the sender, unless requested to by an administrator for site administration purposes.

8.  Provide links to third party web sites or content unless given express permission to do so by a moderator or administrator. The exception to this condition is links which are shown to be relevant to any discussion taking place will be permitted within the context of that discussion. We may remove third party links at any time with or without explanation.

9. Flame the Forum Moderators, administrators or any other poster. In other sections of the forum normal rules apply in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Abusive posts will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

You agree that:
1. We may, for content management purposes, move a forum thread to a more appropriate forum area if We feel that it is situated in the incorrect forum area.

2. We may, for content management purposes, close a thread. This would usually be because the discussion in the thread is not moving along, users are not covering new points, or that the discussion is going around in circles. We would also consider whether the discussion is interesting or motivates participation in the context of the forum subject matter.

3. Only one warning will be issued to member(s) about their behaviour. If this warning is ignored then the member(s) in question will be suspended for 48 hours; there will be no second warning. You will be free to PM the team during this time to clarify the reason for suspension, and if necessary it will be reviewed (by team members other than the person issuing the suspension). Only if, in the view of the reviewers, a clear mistake has been made, will a lifting be considered. Abusive replies to the team may attract a longer suspension or even a permanent ban.